Lucas Gives Shockingly Open Interview Ahead Of League Cup Final

Liverpool midfielder Lucas has been trying to convince the world of football that he cares about a) the League Cup and b) the Europa League.

If you scrape away the PR fluff, you’ll get a greater insight into the Brazilian’s real thoughts on the two below par tournaments he is tragically having to pretend to care about.

Source: News Nstr
Source: News Nstr


“That’s how football life is – every three or four days, you have a very big game,” he said. “Of course, on Sunday it’s a big final, but this is another final for us on Thursday.

Translation: “I can’t remember the last time Liverpool had a genuinely ‘big’ game – we keep pretending that Sunday is one but we all know the League Cup is like winning on a tombola – it feels good for a second and then you’re handed a tin of tuna as your ‘prize’.

“For myself, if I’ve got a chance to play, it’ll be another chance to show we want to be in the team for the final. This is an opportunity for us.”

Translation: “I tell you what, if Klopp starts that shower of shite, Jordan fucking Henderson, over me, I’ll slash his tyres.”

“But it’s also an opportunity to go to the next round in a tournament we want to go as far as possible in. It’s a European tournament and they should always be taken really seriously.”

Translation: “I can never remember what the bloody thing is called…is it the Intertoto Cup?”

“Of course, we didn’t have the best game over there and I think we’d all agree with that,” he said “But it was a result that means it’s in our hands. If we win the game at home, then we will go into the next round.”

Translation: “*laughing* Did you see the first-leg? We were bloody useless.”

“So we just have to approach it like a final – because it is a final – and then with our quality, we should be able to get through.

Translation: “Did I mention it’s a final? Because we are treating it like a final, as it is a final. So it will be like a final to us.”

“Of course, we’ll need to be careful they don’t score, but I don’t think we should pay too much attention to that.”

Translation: “With Dejan in defence, we always say that we already 3-0 down before a ball has even been kicked.”

“We have to approach it with confidence and hopefully get through to the next round because we want to challenge for this tournament.”

Translation: “You sure it’s not the Intertoto Cup? I could’ve sworn it was.”