WATCH: Carlos Tevez Smashes Goalkeeper’s Jaw In Gruesome Collision

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Carlos Tevez always had a reputation for being a dogged pit bull terrier in his offensive approach. Though he’s now seeing out the twilight of his career in the less competitive Argentine Primera Division, Tevez certainly hasn’t lost any of his biting competitive edge.

Now playing for the Boca Juniors, the former Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus man has retained the fighting qualities which earned him his fearless reputation. Tevez has already battled to a league and cup double in front of his native supporters.

Tevez has never been one to back out of a 50/50 challenge as his latest challenge on keeper Ezequiel Unsain shows:

Playing in Boca Junior’s latest fixture against Newell’s Old Boys, Tevez was baring down on goal just before half time. Utilising his pace to make it into the box, Tevez was in a 1 on 1 situation, but after a heavy touch he was at full stride to evade the on-rushing keeper.

Expectedly, Tevez refused to give up on the goalscoring opportunity.

As you can see above, the resulting collision between the striker and goalkeeper was pretty brutal – Ezequiel Unsain is now nursing a badly broken jaw.

Tevez’s impact with the young keeper was obviously accidental and he was the first to call for medics. Initial assessments suggest 20-year-old Unsain could be our for 45 days.

Ezequiel Unsain

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