President Obama Pulled A Total Golf Move Over Stephen Curry

  • Stephen Curry’s basketball team was visiting the White House
  • Obama reminded Curry of a time when he beat him on the golf course

President Obama is a bro. He has always been a bro, but today he officially became the ULTIMATE golf bro. There’s always that guy that if he wins, he will remind you every hole, and every round after that, that he won. Obama is that guy.


Stephen Curry was visiting the White House with his basketball team, The Warriors. Curry had his best game of the season on Wednesday night, scoring 25 points in the first quarter alone, and 51 total, in a win against the Washington Wizards. But don’t you worry, Obama was there to keep Curry grounded.

The two have played golf together before and The President needed to remind Curry that he beat him the last time they were on the course. Steph has said that Obama would “talk trash” to distract him, but Obama denies it.

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“I heard during this summer after our golf game that Steph was using the excuse of Secret Service being intimidating for why he lost the match,” said Obama. “But that was not the case.”

Although he says that’s not the case, he’s seen here imitating Stephen Curry:

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Obama was bashed earlier by Trump, saying that he golfed too much, but at least he’s winning.

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