Cech Blasts Arsenal Defence Over Messi Opener

Arsenal were eventually taken down by Barcelona in the first-leg of their Round of 16 Champions League clash due to their own naivety and a peak Mathieu Flamini cameo performance.

Speaking after the game, Petr Cech spoke brutally, and honestly, about ‘how, where and why’ the Gunners lost the game at the Emirates – and ultimately ended their Champions League campaign for another season.

Source: Independent
Source: Independent


“The only thing we didn’t do well was take our chances,”

Translation: “Fucking Giroud. Fucking Ramsey. Fucking Oxlade-Chamberlain.”

“I thought we did really well until the first goal. We had some opportunities and we should have scored. I think that would have made a big difference.

Translation: “I thought we did really well until the game kicked off. If we score more goals than them, though, we win.”

“The only thing we didn’t do well was take our chances. In games like this you need to be more clinical and you need to find the back of the net.

Translation: “I’ve played with Torres – and trust me, he’s so wank – but I’d take him over Giroud any day of the week.”

“They had three or four chances and we had the same. The difference was they managed to score a goal from a counter attack.”

Translation: “The difference is, they’re good and we are bloody shit.”

“I’m disappointed because we lost by two goals and our task is very difficult to qualify.”

Translation: “Hey, there’s always next year.”


On Messi’s stunning opener, Cech added: “I knew that he could shot so that is why I managed to put my body over there but he used the space.

“I hoped the guys that were coming back could block it on the line but they weren’t able to.”

Translation: “I honestly don’t know why I bother. There was a point where I thought the guys might be back to clear it off the line, and then I remembered I played for Arsenal and not Chelsea anymore.”