4 Reasons Why The Champions League Is Pretty Dire Really


So Arsenal are more-or-less confirmed to be out of the Champions League again. Yes it’s technically disappointing to be knocked out of the biggest domestic competition, but does anyone honestly care anymore?


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“Champions” League?

Let start with the very name of this pretentious competition – it hardly merits being called the “Champions” League anymore.

UEFA trying to pass the footballing quality of KAA Gent, Malmo and Manchester United as the football of champions is a bit of a stretch – it’s borderline offensive.

Domestic footballs biggest competition is now choked full of third-rate teams from minor European countries that no-one has ever heard of.

If you have to explain where they come from in the group draw, they’re not a team of ‘champions’ UEFA, and you know it.

The prestige of the tournament has been painstakingly diluted more and more in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience – to the point that, ironically it’s barely worth watching anymore…



The Interminable Group Stages


‘Oh joy, the Champions League is back! I can’t wait to see the European heavyweights go head to head!’

But wait good sir. First you have to sit through 6 weeks of dismal garbage as Bayern Munich put 5 past Dynamo Zagreb and Malmo play 90 minutes with 11 men in their own box at the Bernabeu! Exciting stuff!



What’s worse is that the increase in the number of teams able to qualify for the tournament from 16 to 28 has completely decimated the once formidable UEFA Cup.

UEFA’s greedy tunnel vision on establishing the Champions League brand has reduced the Europa League to a tournament most teams want more than anything to avoid – it’s actually better to finish bottom of the group than 3rd… how pathetic is that.


Good Luck Watching It

This title wishes you luck on two fronts.

Once upon a time, fans were able to watch the competition on ITV’s for free; sadly this is now just a distant memory. Viewers are now forced to cough up the hefty subscription fee for BT Sport’s live coverage.

Most people haven’t yet suffered the head injury needed to subscribe to BT Sport at their own free will and so wander the wilderness, peering into pub windows to see if the game is on – good luck finding one.


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So you’ve managed to tune in. Good luck sitting through 90 minutes with this lot.

BT stamped it’s mark on Champions League coverage by unveiling their dream team line-up of football experts/no-hopers, including Robbie Savage, Michael Owen and the permanently-moody Paul Scholes.

BT’s Champions League nights really are abysmal. Viewers now sign themselves up for the droning drivel that dribbles out the mouths of these God-awful pundits. It’s not surprising that the viewing figures have dropped significantly.


Urgh, Sponsors.


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A few years ago, the common football fan had never heard of Gazprom. Honestly, it remains a bit of a mystery what they actually do (something to do with oil and energy I’m guessing) but the word will now be engrained in all of our minds till the day we die.

Not only the name, but that cringey, stereotypically Russian, advert that gets crammed down football fans throats EVERY SINGLE AD BREAK:



The Champions League is now a corporate joke and it’s only going to get worse…