Memphis Depay Has Revealed Why He’s Been Useless For United

Memphis Depay has opened up about his below par start to life in Manchester, which has seen the forward put in displays that even the likes of Liam Miller, Anderson and Jordi Cruyff would’ve been embarrassed by.

Source: Independent
Source: Independent

When asked about whether he had proved good value for money, with his £25m transfer fee, Memphis said: “No, not yet. I know that and I will continue to fight for it. I expect a lot from myself, that is important, and the club and I are busy trying to improve it.

“I don’t want to put a date on it [when I will be up to speed] but it will come, confidence will help, as will my experiences and learning from my mistakes.”

“I have really had to change my game because in the Eredivisie I could do what I wanted as I had time on the ball, I played on feelings. Here [Premier League] there is direct pressure so it’s hard.

“This has affected my game a little bit – everyone can see I’m not scoring every game like I used to but I can feel it getting better and, as I get to know the league more, I feel better and my confidence is growing again.”

Rather surprisingly, the Dutch international has left off the more obvious reasons as to why he has struggled to be a hit at Old Trafford.

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Basing the fact that someone will be a success because they tore up the top league in Holland, is like asking your seven-year-old cousin to draw the Mona Lisa because they made a mound of playdough and said it was the Sistine Chapel.