Facebook Launches Footballer-Based Buttons

Facebook have today announced the redesign of the ‘Like’ button, with the thumbs up now having several new additions by its side, called ‘Reactions’.

Let’s take a closer look at the latest Facebook addition that has us all saying: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it’.


There isn’t a person who walks this planet that doesn’t totally adore the former Manchester United winger – if there is, they should be made to watch Bend It Like Beckham on repeat until they realise just how perfect the one-time England captain is.

Now, if you ‘Love’ something on Facebook, you ‘Becks’ it.


Jimmy Bullard

Banter-in-Chief, Jimmy B.

“That post you shared earlier had me absolutely Jimmy B’ing”

Reaction: Haha


Lionel Messi

From those couples that have the Facebook arguments, right through to those crazy viral videos where you aren’t quite sure how it happened. That’s what the Messi ‘reaction’ is for.

Reaction: Wow


Fernando Torres

The decline of the former Liverpool and Chelsea striker baffles and upsets the footballing world in equal measure; from the world’s best to a laughing stock.

Reaction: Sad



When something gets your back up, you go full Pepe on their status.

Reaction: Angry