WATCH: Alex Song pisses off Arsenal fans by openly celebrating Barca Champions League win

Sharon Wong

Alex Song Fab
Source: Getty Images

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Former Arsenal player Alex Song has gotten a lot of Gunners’ panties in a twist with his latest Snapchat film. Though he’s played a productive seven years of football with Arsenal, he’s shown where his loyalties truly lie when he uploaded a film of himself celebrating with Barcelona’s finest after the Champion’s League 2-0 victory against the Gunners.

In the video, he’s seen cheesing with the likes of Neymar and Dani Alves in their changing room right after the final whistle at the match. It’s clear that he’s harbouring no ill will for the Catalans despite being voted one of the worst signings of the 2012/13 La Liga and being shipped off in semi-disgrace to West Ham on loan. Look, in true fanboy fashion, he’s even bought the T-shirts!


Of course, you don’t get to diss the team with the most rabid internet fanbase and escape unscathed. The Arsenal fanbase was up in arms about Song’s perceived disloyalty on Twitter.