Bubba Watson Apologizes For Being A D-Bag

  • Bubba Watson apologizes to the fans of the Phoenix Open after being a D-Bag for the countless time in his career. 
  • He says his wife says he’s bad at communicating how he feels. 


It only took Bubba Watson two days to apologize to the fans after saying the only reason he was at the Phoenix Open was because of his sponsors. Maybe it was the fans booing him off the course that made him realize he may have said something wrong. Or maybe his agent showed Bubba how much money he would lose if his sponsors cut ties with him.

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“I have to apologize,” Watson said after shooting a 2-under-par 69 in Friday’s second round. “I used the wrong words. I have nothing against the fans and the tournament. The fans have been great.”

It seems that Bubba is bad at communicating on and off the course. Apparently even his wife thinks he has trouble in that area.

“I used words that I shouldn’t have used. I didn’t explain myself well. My wife says that too when I go home; I don’t communicate very well.”

It's not rocket science, Bubba..
It’s not rocket science, Bubba..


He wanted to explain that it’s the course he doesn’t like, not the tournament or the fans. TPC Scottsdale was recently renovated and added about 50 yards to the course, and had seven bunkers removed. A couple of greens were moved and redesigned and the 14th hole was lengthened to 490 yards.


Bubba just felt there was no reason to change the course and felt he needed to vocalize his opinion.

“If you read my transcript from a couple days ago, my heart was in the right place,” Watson said. “I just used the wrong words, just like my wife says.”

People are now getting tired of Bubba Watson keep apologising. At least, I am.