Tottenham Trolled Over Cringeworthy Tweet

The need for instant success in the modern game is at an all time high, with fans’ demands continuing to rise and continuing to get more delusional with every passing set of fixtures. Therefore, clubs are having to get more creative with their ways of kidding their fanbases that they aren’t a tragic club, going nowhere but in fact a successful one.

We have clubs celebrating social media milestones, training ground goals and international call-ups to fill the void left by the lack of real footballing success – no, Liverpool, the League Cup doesn’t count.

Spurs, however, have reached new levels of ‘clutching at straws’ following Tottenham-born Adele’s sweeping success at the Brits last night.

Spurs are reportedly looking into the family trees of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Jones and Trevor McDonald to see whether they can jump in their slipstreams following the inevitable collapse of their Premier League and Europa League campaigns.