Gerard Pique Is A Sneaky Cheat And Should Receive A UEFA Ban

Gerard Pique’s yellow card against Arsenal was more than a little suspicious.

Of course ‘a little suspicious’ is putting it lightly, it was bloody obvious what he was up to.

Nearly all clued-up fans reacted the same way as the centre-back clattered into an unnecessary challenge:



Both the timing and the uncharacteristic clumsiness of Pique’s tackle on Danny Welbeck suggest that the Spainiard got himself booked on purpose, so he could sit out the non-event 2nd leg against Arsenal at the Neu Camp; returning with a blank slate for the next knock-out round.

Conveniently, the defender was the only Barcelona player liable for suspension if he picked up a yellow card on the night, and lo and behold, he only went and got booked… just after Barca went 2-0 up.

Take a look at this video and see the plot unravel:



The moment Messi scored the 2nd goal, Luis Enrique’s assistant leaped from the bench to mute the former players celebrations and whispered something very thought-provoking in the coach’s ear.

Enrique was evidently extremely intrigued by the proposition.

Moments later, Pique is called over to the bench… clearly receiving orders from the bench to get himself booked.


Source: BT Sport
Source: BT Sport


36 seconds later, Pique got the yellow card he was after.


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Surely, UEFA have not had the wool pulled over their eyes here!? If it’s so obvious to millions of angry fans around the world – surely the governing body needs to take retrospective action?