Lionel Messi Is The Laziest And Most Over-rated Player On The Pitch

Woah now, lower those pitchforks fanboys – the stats don’t lie!

Catalan paper Sport compiled some revealing statistics about the Argentinian wizard during Barcelona’s 2-0 victory over Arsenal on Tuesday night in the Champions League.

Whereas the slightly biased publication titled their research as “Walking is for geniuses”; outlining that  Leo Messi doesn’t need to run to affect big games – it would be just as easy to suggest the 5 times, Ballon d’Or winner is a lazy footballer.



Messi was once again the man grabbing all the headlines on Tuesday night, his two goals were the difference against Arsenal – the Champions League team against whom he has scored 8 goals in his career, a record total against one team (sorry Arsenal fans).

Two second half moments saw Messi chip the opener home after great work by Luis Suarez and Neymar down the left wing, before the Argentine sealed a 2-0 victory from the penalty spot.

As the circlejerk (off you go to UrbanDictionary) over Messi reached maximum ferocity amongst the sporting media and uneducated football fans once again, the Argentine was annoyingly hailed as the man of the match – without, in all honesty, really involving himself in the game at all.

Scoring a tap in and a penalty does not constitute being rated as the best player on the pitch, Lionel Messi or otherwise.



How can you say that, Messi is the greatest there ever was!?

That’s an opinion and opinions are worthless here. Stone cold facts though are harder to argue with:



Messi is a lazy footballer and in no way embodies a team player – he’s over-rated.

Describing Messi as over-rated does not mean he’s not an outstanding footballer, of course he is, but not everything he does warrants the footballing world getting down on their knees in front of him.

The Argentine was very ineffective against Arsenal, putting aside the tap in and a penalty, Nacho Monreal had him in his pocket the entire game.

It’s quite disturbing that Messi received media ratings of 9/10 and 10/10 for his performance and was described as a ‘genius’ for his contributions at the Emirates.

8km in a 90 minute match! That’s appalling! Anyone without such an untouchable status would have been hauled off for being a lazy waste of space.



Neymar and Suarez are the real stars in the Barcelona outfit – not Messi. It’s incredible to say that the qualities of Luis Suarez and Neymar makes them the un-sung hero’s at the Nou Camp, but they really are!

Both Luis Suarez and Neymar made over 10 kilometres of leg work on Tuesday night, running themselves into the ground to make more opportunities for the team – more specifically Messi, to tap in from 6 yards out.

… And off he runs to the corner flag camera’s and the morons start tweeting:


Can we stop sticking this ‘genius’ name-tag on a player just for the sake of it? If he actually plays like shit and is ultimately a passenger for 90 minutes, let’s just accept that sometimes, even great players play badly.

Ok Messi fanboys, you can raise your pitchforks again now.