Bubba Watson’s $825,000 Watch ‘Won’t Tell Him When To Shut Up’

  • Bubba Watson gets bad rep for comments at The Phoenix Open
  • His $825,000 watch can’t tell him when to shut up


Bubba Watson has been getting a lot of crap lately about the words that come out of his mouth. He is known for being brutally honest and speaking his mind, without realizing the consequences. This reality is why many people either hate him or love him.

“Bubba Watson wears an $825,000 wristwatch. Apparently, it won’t tell him when it’s time to shut up,” Arizona Republic columnist Dan Bickley wrote after Watson said he does not like the TPC Scottsdale and that he was playing the Waste Management Phoenix Open only to appease his sponsors.

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You would think maybe, that if he can afford a customizable $825,000 watch, he could afford a publicist. He needs someone to tell him when to shut up, because clearly this watch isn’t doing that for him. The RM 38-01 is three-quarters of a million dollars, and all it can do is tell him how hard he is swinging and when it’s time for happy hour.


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Although Bubba apologized, I’m sure something like this will happen in the near future. Why? Because unless Bubba invests in a watch that can shock him every time he’s about to be a d-bag, he’ll be saying whatever he wants until the day he dies. In the meantime, he’ll keep sporting a watch that could support a middle class family or pay for a very nice car.