Jamie Vardy talks about the man he fears the most in the Premier League

Sharon Wong

Source: Plumb Images/Leicester City via Getty Images

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Jamie Vardy is appearing nigh well unstoppable this season. He’s been at the helm of Leicester City’s rapid ascendance to the English top-flight, having netted 19 goals in this season alone. Well on his way to topping the division charts, Vardy doesn’t seem like a man with much to be worried about. But when Betfair asked who his toughest opponent was, he did manage to come up with a name.

Source: skysports.com

“On a personal level, Chris Smalling. He’s always tight and always around you to stop you from doing your bit on the ball or getting turned,” he said, “It makes it very difficult for you to bring your teammates into the game as well.”

It doesn’t help that his Manchester United rival has been enjoying an excellent season of his own. At least there won’t be a Vardy vs. Smalling showdown until April 30, when they will meet at Old Trafford.