Horrific Zika virus wreaks havoc on Latin American PGA Tour schedule

Sharon Wong

Zika Mosquito
Source: limcollege.edu

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This spring, the PGA Tour would have been playing on relatively virgin territory with its Latin America-based developmental tour. However, its attempts to reach its growing fanbase in South America have been sadly aborted by a horrific virus afflicting pregnant women and unborn babies throughout the continent. The Zika virus, transmitted by the countless mosquitoes you’d expect to find in tropical environs, has been sweeping over Brazil and causing microcephaly or abnormally small headsĀ in so many babies that women are urged not to get pregnant at this time. It is small wonder then that PGA Tour Latinoamerica has canceled all upcoming events to the region.

Both the Guatemala Stella Artois Open and the Honduras Open have been postponed. The Guatemala Open has been moved from March 10-13 to April 23-May 1 and the Honduras Open from March 3-6 to May 5-8. Earlier, the Web.com Tour opened with back-to-back events in Panama and in Colombia, as the PGA Tour did not have sufficient time to move them back. For upcoming events like the Puerto Rico Open, PGA Tour Latinoamerica will continue to monitor the situation and keep its fanbase updating.

We’re hoping for the women, children and golfers of Latin America that the Zika virus soon becomes both curable and preventable. Viva Brasil!