WATCH: Unfortunately for this golfer, this amazing shot didn’t happen on a golf course

Sharon Wong

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Nicolas Colsaerts has been waiting rather too long for a big break. Though he’s a talented fellow, his recent results at golf tournaments haven’t been reflecting his ability. The 33-year old Ryder star did not make the cut for all three of the big tournaments on the European Tour’s Desert Swing, finishing 74th, 27th and 40th at the events. However, in a Dubai hotel at 3am, he left us in no doubt of his fantastic reach. When he’s at his best, Colsaerts is an exceptional long hitter who can hit a ball an astounding 350 yards off the tee in low flight. He does something similarly remarkable here with this 3-iron shot from an open hotel room window.

His show of brilliance here has English golfer Mel Reid leaping gleefully into his arms and Kevin Craggs, also present, heartily congratulating Colsaerts on his ball flight control. Colsaerts himself seems pretty chuffed, dubbing the shot “cheeky” and boldly claiming it as “the biggest victory of the last three weeks in the desert”. We hope this off-course victory will translate into a real one the next time he finds himself facing down a tournament.