5 Reasons Why You Want Bill Murray In Your Foursome

Bill Murray is always the star when he makes it to the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and this year is no exception.

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There are so many reasons why you should want Bill in your foursome, but I consolidated it down to 5 main reasons.

His Outfits


Bill is the kind of guy that you can never take seriously, and I think he likes it that way. He always shows up to the Pro-Am wearing some funky outfit, awesome hat, or interesting new facial hair fad. If he was in your foursome, he would lighten the mood just by being around and make the round so much better.

His Humor


There’s nothing better than having a comedian in your foursome. Who want’s some stuffy, pompous celebrity, who yells and screams if he misses a putt. That would just put a damper on the whole experience. No, you want Bill, because he will make you laugh just by being himself and he’d probably tell a few sarcastic jokes to get things going.

He Can Catch Ghosts


If there was ever a problem where there was a ghost invasion on the golf course, you’d be thankful to have Bill Murray by your side. He’s the best ghost catcher out there, being a part of the elite Ghost Busters team. Thank God for him!!

He Doesn’t GAF


This dude is so laid back and chill. He’ll toss a club here, make a putt there.. he just doesn’t give one flying f**k about anything. He’ll make you feel better about your game and if you screw up he’ll just pop out a beer and say, “you’ll get ’em next time, Tiger.” (He probably said that to Tiger Woods once!)

He’s Bill Murray

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Caddyshack, Ghost Busters, golf, and everything else he’s ever done, makes him the best golf partner ever. He is just one hell of a guy that would make any round seem like the best round in the entire world. If you’re playing with Bill Murray, you really are the luckiest golfer.