How does it feel to wade through 100 fans on the golf course? Jordan Spieth is over it

Sharon Wong

Jordan Spieth fans

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We’ve all, at one point, dreamt of being the world’s no. 1… something. And if you’re any sort of regular to this site, you’ve probably fantasized about being Jordan Spieth at least once. But if you hear him tell it, the dream life’s actually pretty exhausting. At tournaments, he’s harangued by a sea of fans who ply him with merchandise to sign, follow him onto the fairways and wait for him on the greens. It’s gotten to the point where the usually unruffled Spieth had to specifically ask them to hold off on asking for selfies until he was done.

Jordan Spieth over it
Source: Jeffrey Becker/USA TODAY Sports

“Honestly, it’s not something I’ve gotten used to,” he confessed, “Who knows how long it would take? It makes you appreciate some of these other guys who have gone before you and have been able to do it.”

Quite aside from being suffocated by the fan attention, he’s also had to contend with intense media scrutiny and the other players ravenously eyeing his number one position in world golf rankings. Both his eight-shot victory at Kapalua and his travel fatigue garnered an uncomfortable amount of attention. Basically, whether Jordan Spieth succeeds or fails, we’ll be taking notice.

Given the precarious nature of his profession and the rapt attention of a fickle crowd, Spieth is very uncomfortable with catch-all labels like the “Big Three”.

“I think it needs time. If you’re going to say ‘Big Three’, you’re using a term for the five or six greatest players of all time. We had one season. Yeah, it was exciting and fun. But the point is, it’s so early. There’s so much yet to see. You never know who’s going to be up there at the end of the year.”