Ronaldo apologises for blatantly disrespecting his entire team

Sharon Wong


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No matter how gifted you are, there is always a limit to how much s*** from you people will take. After Real Madrid’s disappointing 1-0 defeat to Altletico, Ronaldo had the poor grace to make some rather disparaging comments about the entire team. He reportedly said, “If all my teammates were at my level, we might be first.”


This was just the tip of a tirade in which he pilloried the club’s medics, its preparations in preseason and the team’s current performance. It would have been bad enough if he had stopped there. But as critical as he had been of his teammates, he was just as generous with heaping praise on himself by talking at length about his own talent and statistics. Basically, if he felt superior to everyone else, he wasn’t trying to hide it.


However, even the seemingly invincible Ronaldo wasn’t immune to the pain of ostracism at the workplace. On Monday ahead of a training session at the Valdebebas training complex, he “felt obliged to apologise via WhatsApp to some of the teammates he upset,” according to El Mundo. It was rather too purposeful a gaffe to be classified as a foot-in-the-mouth moment, but hopefully, his teammates can let put this incident firmly behind them by proving him wrong on the field.