You Need To See Marshawn Lynch Swing A Golf Club; It’s Hilarious

Marshawn Lynch announced that he was retiring from the NFL with one simple tweet during the Super Bowl last year.

He showed a picture of his shoes hung up with a peace sign emoji in the comment section. That’s it.


Deuces Football! So what’s next for the Beast? Well, what do all retired athletes do? They golf. Although he will definitely need some major golf lessons before he hits the course. Have you seen this guys swing?

Feast your eyes on the beast..

He hit the links for charity too, which is very honorable, but that swing doh. He was probably more entertainment than an actual competitor in the tournament.

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Lynch recently went to Houston, Scotland to promote the Super Bowl, which was hosted in Houston, Texas. He committed the ultimate sin by not going to at least one golf course while he was there, or at least that’s what it looked like in the promotional video. Maybe he went on his own and got some lessons in the place where it all started.

Football definitely hasn’t been the same without Beast Mode but the golf world is lucky just to have him pick up a club.

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