Paul Merson thinks Arsene Wenger should be sacked if this happens

Sharon Wong

Arsene Wenger
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Former Arsenal star Paul Merson seriously has it in for current manager Arsene Wenger. Wenger’s tried to justify not taking in new players at the start of the season by insisting that the team doesn’t need them to succeed. However, he is in danger of eating his words after failing to secure a much needed win against Man U this weekend.┬áIf Leicester and Tottenham do end up snagging the Premier League title from the Gunners, Merson thinks Wenger should just give up and leave in disgrace.


“If Man City don’t win the league and Tottenham or Leicester do then Arsene Wenger has to go.

“If you’re sitting there telling those fans – loyal Arsenal fans – that they don’t need any new players at the start of the season and then you don’t win the league in front of Leicester and Tottenham then I don’t see how you can justify it.”

He said Wenger has some excuse if Man City wins the title, but not Leicester and Tottenham.

Paul Merson
Source: BBC

“If Man City win the league he can turn around and say ‘they’ve got all the money in the world and can go and buy whoever they want, so would whoever I bought have made much difference?’ But if Leicester and Tottenham win the league after he said they didn’t need any players then I don’t see how he can keep his job.”


Merson has played 423 games for Arsenal, 30 of those under Arsene Wenger, before being sold to Middleborough in 1997. Former boss or not, he’s not been shy about expressing his disgust with what he perceives as Wenger’s laissez-faire attitude in Old Trafford on Sunday.

“They went out on Sunday with an attitude of ‘it’s only Man United and they’ve got loads of injuries and kids playing, so we’ll breeze through this game. It just frustrates me and it absolutely does my head in.

“People point to the players, but the manager has to get the players up for these games. Man United might be fifth and not having a good season, but it’s still Man United in front of 75,000 people.”