This Dad Made A Huge Mistake Underestimating His 7 Year Old Son

This 7 year old kid has his dad wrapped around his finger, as all kids should.

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The dad made a deal with his son, that if he made a 40 yard chip into a bucket set up in their backyard, that he would get him a new Lego set. Have you seen the Lego sets these days? Those things are wildly awesome. What dad didn’t realize (or maybe he did) was that his son has mad skillz.

Sure, make the whole Death Star in your bedroom..
Sure, make the whole Death Star in your bedroom..


This type of deal is good for practice, especially for a 7 year old.. incentive is everything! If he thought his son would make it in or not doesn’t really matter, because he makes it in! The dad sounds so happy in the video, probably very surprised and very proud of his son in that moment. He may be a few bucks poorer but he’s gained a lot of points in the parenting book!