Donald Trump Shamelessly Threatened The PGA Tour

  • The PGA Tour hasn’t decided whether or not they want to continue partnering with Trump courses
  • Donald Trump is getting angry and threatens the PGA Tour


The PGA Tour may be an old-fashioned organization but they stay true to their morals.

Donald Trump, now in the limelight of President candidacy, has shown time and again that his morals do not line up with those of the PGA. The only problem is that Trump has been associated with golf for so long now, and has many amazing courses that have been used by the PGA for years. The course in question at the moment is Trump National Doral in Florida.

Trump National Doral
Trump National Doral


So how do they go about breaking up with him? They have to do it carefully and strategically because it’s never good to be on the bad side of a “celebrity”. Especially not one that is constantly shaming and putting down his competitors without a second glance.

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The PGA Tour released this statement in Decemeber:

“We continue to stand by our earlier statement, and the statement of other golf organizations, that Mr. Trump’s comments are inconsistent with our strong commitment to an inclusive and welcoming environment in the game of golf,” it read. “The PGA Tour has had a 53-year commitment to the Doral community, the greater Miami area and the charities that have benefited from the tournament. Given this commitment, we are moving forward with holding the 2016 event at the Blue Monster. Immediately after the completion of the 2016 tournament, we will explore all options regarding the event’s future.”

Well apparently they haven’t discussed the situation any further, at least not with Mr. Trump, who is not happy about it. The WGC Cadillac Championship at Doral is a month away and everyone is awaiting the PGA’s decision to move the tournament elsewhere or to stay.

Trump went on to threaten the PGA saying, “They do not want to do that,” Trump told “There’s no site like Doral in Florida. I have the greatest site in all of Florida.”

“na na na na boo boo”


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He’s a cocky man and exaggerates often to make himself look better than he actually is, which is exactly what he is doing here with his course. Like other candidates, there are many other courses, that could do the same or a much better job than Donald Trump.