Tiger Woods And Bill Clinton Walk Into A Bar…

  • Tiger Woods celebrates 10 years of successful TWF
  • Bill Clinton supported Tiger along the way 

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Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods are two very famous men known for their famous infidelities, among other things. Sure, one was President and one was an extremely influential athlete, but of them also cheated on their wives and got caught. When you put the two together it truly sounds like a funny party joke: Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton walk into a bar.. (this might actually exist somewhere)


Beyond having a lot to talk about, it seems these two actually worked together to promote charity through the Tiger Woods Foundation. Tiger posted a picture on Instagram that commemorated the moment where it all began, 10 years ago.


Bill is right there with him, standing among the first children to be apart of the learning center. He even gave a speech that I’m sure Woods holds very dear to his heart.

I wonder if they feel some sort of camaraderie for cheating on their wives. Do they talk about their sex therapists or sex addicts anonymous experiences?

The Tiger Woods Foundation is actually an amazing charity and has given back a lot in its ten years.

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Congrats Tiger, on a successful 10 years giving of back!