David Feherty says Tiger Woods is wickedly funny when you’re not watching

Sharon Wong

Tiger cheeky bastard
Source: sportingnews.com

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We don’t know how you’d imagine Tiger Woods to be in person, but we’re not entirely sure we expected him to be a bit of a funny man. At least, David Feherty says as much. A quick-tongued chap himself, Feherty reported that Tiger was quite a scream when he turned up for the golf analyst’s charity events.

“For one thing, he shows up at my foundation’s events for the wounded military,” Feherty told GOLF, “He comes on his own, no cameras, and has lunch with the boys. If a kids got one arm, Tiger will hit balls with one arm. Or no legs, he’ll hit it off with his knees. And he’s so darn funny, but we beat that out of him by following him from the minute he arrives [at a Tour event].”

It’s true that Tiger Woods has been looking pretty surly for the past few years. With his scandals, injuries and recent career woes, he’s had a fair amount on his mind and you can’t blame him for finding it hard to crack a smile. But get him in a more relaxed, unobserved state and he can reel off the irreverent jokes like the best of the stand-up greats. Kevin Na appreciated his sense of humor and Feherty seems to think that Tiger could give him a run for his money.

“I remember one time he says, ‘Hey Feherty,’ pulling the bill down so the camera can’t read his lips. ‘What do you call a black guy flying an airplane? I say I don’t know. He says, ‘A pilot, you f**king racist.”

Anyone want to invite Tiger Woods to dinner yet? We kind of do.