Juan Mata has some words of warning for superstar Marcus Rashford

Sharon Wong

Marcus AGAIN
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After his stunning Manchester United debut, you can’t blame Marcus Rashford for letting it get to his head a little. The 18-year-old was largely responsible for bringing about the Devils’ 3-2 victory over Arsenal on Sunday by scoring a double, bringing up his tally to¬†4 goals in just 2 matches. This was a splendid follow-up for his first brace against Midtjylland in the Europa League. The accolades have been pouring in and Man U’s hot young thing is now inviting a lot of comparisons to earlier greats.


However, there are a few who have some reservations about what all this praise is going to do to an impressionable young psyche. Juan Mata for one has voiced his concerns about Rashford’s ability to stay grounded.

“He needs to keep calm,” Mata said, “Everyone is going to call him, text him speak about him and write about him. But he needs to keep calm because I think he has a bright future coming up ahead of him – he needs to keep playing his football.”

Juan Mata
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We definitely see Mata’s side of things. As talented as Marcus Rashford is, he is still awfully young and may not yet be equipped to handle all the attention that will be coming his way. It’s easy to go the way of the child star and let fame define you rather than sticking to what got you to where you are in the first place. We hope that he remains a footballer first and foremost and keeps becoming a celebrity as a very distant second.