What’s Arsene Wenger’s excuse for his demoralising loss to Man United?

Sharon Wong

Source: ibtimes.co.uk

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It’s a bad time for Arsene Wenger, but it may be partially his doing. After refusing to spend money on new players at the advent of the season, he is now paying dearly for his choices as his side is getting decimated in the Premier League title race. After losing 3-2 to Louis Van Gaal’s Devils, whom no one expected to make a good show of things, he’s now scrambling to find something to blame for the Gunners’ poor performance at Old Trafford.

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He now says that it’s not that Arsenal lacks mental fortitude in general, but rather that they were demoralised by an earlier loss to Barcelona in the Champion’s League.

“We gave a lot against Barcelona and that certainly had an impact on our belief against Manchester United,” he told reporters.

He also claims that Manchester United’s injury crisis had been misleadingly overstated in the press. Oh, and that Manchester United’s spending power was always going to put it head and shoulders above the rest. However, we think some such as Paul Merson will be wondering why Arsene Wenger did not make use of his own spending power when it was appropriate to. We’re sort of at a loss for an answer ourselves.