Secret Meeting Could See Premier League Lose Five Teams

According to The Sun, Liverpool plus the four biggest clubs in England – Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United – met up in a (not so) secret meeting in London on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of a European ‘Super League’.

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The idea of some Space Jam-esque league combining the biggest European forces in one ultimate table has long been mooted. However, the closest that has ever come to fruition was the ’39th’ Premier League idea proposed by Richard Scudamore – rumour has it, that the reason it never materialised was due to the fact the Premier League bigwigs couldn’t fit anymore wads of £50s under their mattresses.

Manchester United were represented at the meeting by meme extraordinaire, Ed Woodward, whose input to the conversation would’ve been reminiscent of Neil from the Inbetweeners.

Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre gatecrashed the ‘knees up’ between the four biggest clubs in England, but he was presumably there to try and see whether Arsenal, Man City, United or Chelsea had any players the Reds could overpay for.

Ivan Gazidis was the face for Arsenal, however, after discussions, things turned sour when the Gunners chief executive refused to split the bill equally and insisted on only paying for what he had ordered.

Manchester City chief executive, Ferran Soriano, and Chelsea chairman, Bruce Buck, made up the ‘Famous Five’.

If the five do breakaway from the Premier League, would what it exactly mean?

No More Champions League

Liverpool would no longer embarrass themselves with aspirations of Champions League football every season.

Arsenal could lose to Barcelona quicker than usual, rather than waiting to go out to them in the Round of 16.

Manchester United wouldn’t have to go through the ordeal of being placed in a group with European supergiants, Wolfsburg and PSV…

Manchester City wouldn’t have to kid themselves – or the world of football – that this year they might actually win it.

Chelsea could no longer save their woeful season by undeservedly winning the trophy.

The most depressing thing, though, would be the fact we’d no longer hear the greatest piece of music ever produced…



The Toffees would remain the biggest club in Merseyside, proving that the Premier League doesn’t need Liverpool.


Leicester City

Despite winning the Premier League three seasons in a row, the Foxes wouldn’t be included in the ‘cool’ kids club, meaning that they’d go on to dominate the top flight of English football even more so than before.


Premier League clubs would be embarrassed

At least the Champions League means the English sides can have a break between each brutal defeat against the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona.