WATCH: Why everyone should replace guns with putters

Sharon Wong

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The gun-toting crowd argue vociferously for the right for any individual to bear firearms to protect themselves from people like this guy. On a peaceful day at the Stop Quick Convenience Store in Methuen, MA, this ne’er do well popped in and tried to leave with the entire cash register. Certainly a situation where a loaded gun might seem like an ideal thing to have, but this cashier proved that you don’t need a weapon of destruction to slay it. Instead, he made very good use of the humble putter. He showed that in the right hands, an instrument you use for a civilized game of golf can be a lethal thing indeed. And when it’s all over, you could just retire it back to the golf bag until your next trip to the course or until the next idiot tries his luck with you. Much better than something you could use for school shootings.