“Big Five” Clubs Are In Massive Trouble For Having A “Breakaway Meeting”

  • Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool were involved in talks.
  • Clubs are coming under pressure to explain why they were in a meeting with Stephen Ross.

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Stephen Ross, Source: Forbes

Stephen Ross is the preeminent “Big swinging d***” of world sport. So when he invited Ed Woodward, the executive vice-chairman at Old Trafford, the Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck, Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis, City chief executive Ferran Soriano and Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre to come and take a shower with him they all came running.

The shower in this rather laboured metaphor is Park Lane’s Dorchester hotel, Mayfair. The d*** measuring? An exceptionally dirty plot to overthrow the premier league and replace it with a European Super League. You see the American Billionaire created the pre-season International Champions Cup, a competition fans anticipate like an acid infused enema, to get his fat cat foot in the door of world football.

Naturally Ross, unsatisfied with his flaccid, partially shrivelled cock of a competition, wants to create something that will revolutionise football. The Sun, a publication one reachs for to relieve an acid infused enema, reported that the meetings were about a pan-european competition that would overthrow the Premier League.

Arsenal came out and denied the allegation that they had discussed such a plot: “We are strongly opposed to any breakaway,” they said. If Andy Johnson’s court case has that much conviction he will be released, given an open-top bus tour and a life contract with Barcelona.

“Discussions were primarily around the ICC and formats of European competitions that would compliment the existing Premier League.”
they added. That’s a bit like Martin Scorsese meeting with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino to hash through the special features disc on their multi-billion dollar movie, complete bollocks.

Once again the sport we love is being subjected to unprecedented buggery by five old men who think a terrace is where you sup summer cocktails, or in the case of these degenerates, a deceased hooker who can never be found.