Golf Just Became The Coolest Sport With This Incredible Announcement

The future of golf is now!

The PGA Tour just announced the release of its first-ever virtual reality (VR) videos on Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus. Yes, you heard that right. Golf is now a part of the virtual reality world. If you don’t know what this means, you’re in for a treat.


South Park had an entire episode on this technology and everyone is talking about the Oculus. The fact that the PGA Tour has partnered with this technology is showing that they are taking small steps in the right direction.

They created a sample video from the 16th Hole at TPC Scottsdale and it’s pretty awesome. The fact that you can now see 360 degree views of the players, the fans, and the courses, is a huge deal.

“Our goal at the PGA TOUR is to bring fans as close to the game and players as possible,” said Sloane Kelley, PGA TOUR executive producer. “VR allows us to do that in a completely new way.”

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You’ll be able to “visit” your favorite golf course on tour, without spending thousands of dollars to travel there. You’ll be able to see behind the scenes with your favorite golfers, while feeling like you’re actually there. We’re all going to like this when they’re done with us:


That guy looks pretty darn happy, so I’m not complaining.

This is a huge deal for the PGA Tour. They been partnering with GoPro for a while and now they’re branching out to the newer, more immersive technology. Welcome to the new age, finally. It’s called a total recall!