Watch: This Golfer Plays God With Unbelievablely Lucky Shot

You know how Jesus walked on water? Well this golfer just putt on ice!

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Ok, so it’s clearly not the same thing, and Jesus would have totally sinked it, but this golf shot is still pretty amazing. Instead of chipping over this clearly frozen water hazard, onto the green, this golfer decided to putt right through the damn thing. Without hesitation the ball glides over the ice and lands perfectly on the green, setting him up for a great next shot. If I tried that, the ball would have gone all over the place, or I would have chipped it and possibly missed the green entirely (tells you a little bit about my chipping game).

Either way this guy got very lucky in desperate conditions. Props for the creativity and for using what mother earth dealt you.

@joeluxford just working with the elements!! ❄️???? #golfgods #besthazard #frozenhazard #teamgolfgods

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