The one thing Hector Bellerin hates about English life

Sharon Wong

Source: Getty

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Hector BellerinĀ seems to be settling well into England. The Arsenal defender takes a weekly trip to the pub to unwind during off time, samples traditional English specialties and is even getting the hang of speaking rhyming Cockney. But there’s one thing he remains absolutely unable to abide and it’s beer served at room temperature.


“I love going to the pub for a bit of food. My dad loves fish and chips. Every single week our family go to the pub. Oh, and roast dinners, too – they’re great. They kind of feel English now! Maybe not the warm beer, though.”

Other than that, it’s as he says, he’s almost English at this point. He’s been getting the hang of defending “the English way” during sessions with mentor Steve Bould. And best yet, he’s actually beginning to be able to speak Cockney rhyming slang.


“Our kitman in the U18s and the U21s taught me some rhyming slang, too. Like, instead of the stairs you do ‘up the apples’ or say ‘the dog’ for the phone.

“At first I didn’t understand a word he was saying, or even believe anyone would create that kind of language because it’s so difficult to learn. It’s a brilliant thing to understand.”