Adam Johnson News Has Seen One Club Try And Catch Their Players ‘Out’

Can’t work out if this is a sensible move or a totally bizarre course of action to take from Championship outfit Fulham.

The Cottagers, according to the Evening Standard, hired an internet expert to pose as a 16-year-old girl and to message some of the Fulham players, pretending to be a fan of the club – surely that was warning enough for the players(?) because no one genuinely supports, Fulham, do they?

Unsurprisingly, several of the players were duped by the scheme, as revealed by ex-Fulham gaffer, Kit Symons:

Some of the young players fell for it as real. It was a short, sharp shock.

“You can tell lads about getting caught out and they’ll think ‘oh they won’t catch me’ and then that happens, they are caught.

“You strive to make the club a reflection on your own values and if a player did something against those values you’d feel let down.

“There are 30 lads you are father to.

“You hope when they are away from the working environment that their decision-making is sound.”
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