WATCH: This embarrassing gaffe proves that Messi’s only human after all

Sharon Wong

Source: AFP Photo/Lluis Gene

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Lionel Messi is close to approaching God-like status these days. Players and fans alike can’t seem to get enough of Barca’s star player, especially after he scored his 300th goal for the Catalans. Just listen to Juventus keeper Gianluigi Buffon wax lyrical about La Liga’s Argentinean golden child before last year’s Champion’s League final.


“Messi is an alien that dedicates himself to playing with humans,” Buffon gushed about the man who’s goals he’d been given the impossible task of stopping, “The only hope is that [for the duration of the game] he will be on earth, like the rest of us.”


Sadly, Messi was no mere mortal in that clash with Juventus and Buffon’s prayers went unanswered. However, he might derive some small measure of solace after watching this revealing clip of the Barca player at a training session before the match with Raye Vallecano these evening. Messi is shown making an amateurish mistake off the pitch that his Barcelonin compatriots barely react to. Goes to show that it’s nothing out of the ordinary among the Catalan’s when a mythic figure slips up every once in a while.