Adnan Januzaj And Fat Man Scoop Become Enemies During Charity 5-Aside Match

Adnan Januzaj and Amerian hip hop artist Fatman Scoop found themselves squaring up to one another yesterday afternoon, following some contentious refereeing decisions.

The Manchester United winger became an honourary referee during BBC 5 Live’s Battle of the Five-A-Sides tournament – and sent off the hip hop artist.





The young United forward, who has had numerous disagreements with officials over alleged incidents of diving throughout his career, repeatedly clashed with Scoop – who was playing his first ever game of football.

Januzaj threw the book at Scoop during the affair, being particularly pedantic about line calls. Januzaj gave Fat Man Scoop his marching orders with two quick-fire yellow cards and a red, much to the bemusement of the musician.



Scoop had been keen to impress in goal after a rigorous training session and made his frustration towards Januzaj’s questionable decision-making known, venting afterwards:

“Did you see what the [other] guy did to me?

“That’s not fair. But it’s ok. I’m going see him later. We call that ‘meeting after the showers’ in America!

“The guy puts a red card on me. I don’t know what a red card is. Then everyone tells me to get off!”