The Six Most Laughable Own Goals Ever

Carlos Kameni recently treated us to the most bizarre and downright ridiculous own goal of recent time against Gary Neville’s Valencia. However, where does the Malaga ‘keeper’s moment of madness rank alongside some of the most baffling ‘putting through your own net’ moments of all-time?

Frank Sinclair

Frank Sinclair went full Frank Sinclair with this absolute worldie of an own goal – to be fair to the Foxes defender, having Ian Walker in goal was never the right idea.

The best part of the whole video is the opening shot of Premier League icon, and Leicester City hero, Muzzy Izzet (they don’t make ’em like they used to).

Djimi Traore

This is the same Djimi Traore that can also claim to be a Champions League winner. Madness.

Tony Popovic

Tony, mate, we don’t even care it’s in the wrong end; that finish is too perfect for you not to be proud of it, for you not to claim it and for you not to tell all your grandchildren about.

Sing it from the rooftops, Popovic.

Christoph Kramer

David Beckham against Neil Sullivan has nothing on the World Cup winner’s finish to give Borussia Dortmund the lead.

Chris Brass

FACT: It’s impossible to watch this own goal without laughing. Go on, try it.

Romford Against Thurrock

You wind some, you lose me…