The Reason These Golf Pro’s Blew Up Twitter Will Surprise You

  • Vaughn Taylor wins at Pebble Beach after 11 year drought
  • Other professionals have reached out to congratulate Vaughn

Vaughn Taylor won his first tournament in 11 years at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. It was a joyous occasion for the young family and many professionals sent their congratulations through twitter.

If you’re a golfer, you understand how hard the game is, and how much practice and perseverance you actually need to succeed on the golf course. Imagine continuing with your passion for professional golf for 10 years without seeing results. That must be a difficult road to take, but good things come to those who wait.

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The best part is getting votes of confidence from your peers. Many professionals have families of their own and understand the importance of those wins when you choose this as your career. This is another reason why golf is one of the best sports out there. There is camaraderie in every sport, but in no way does it compare to the love that this underdog received for this win.

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Golf is a lifestyle. Golf is a journey. Golf is disappointing. Golf is rewarding.

And this is why we love this game.