WATCH: This skilled toddler could give Jordan Spieth a run for his money someday

Sharon Wong

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Jordan Spieth’s excellent putting technique is literally changing the landscape of the PGA Tour. Everyone’s lengthening their putts to keep up with his glorious 25-footers and it seems he has numerous copycats off course too. Just like his fans, his followers come in all ages and sizes and this talented youngster is no different. The two-year old boy displays remarkable controlĀ for a kid his age as heĀ makes a beautiful putt that any self-respecting golfer would envy. If he’s this formidable in his tender years, we imagine he’s going to be quite a force to be reckoned with in adulthood. Here’s to some serious competition for Jordan Spieth, the original long-distance putter.

When a 2 year old putts better then you ???? ???? cred – @romeobkk #golfgods #getinthehole #puttfordough

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