You don’t want to miss Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy duking it out in this historic battle

Sharon Wong

Rory vs. Rickie

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Exhibition golf is coming back to primetime television after a decade-long absence and it’s featuring two fresh but familiar faces. Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler are set to duke it out in an under-the-lights match on Tuesday, June 7 at the Detroit Golf Club, sandwiched between the Memorial Tournament and the US Open. The first two hours will be broadcast by Golf Channel starting at 7pm and CBS will be covering the final two hours.

Whether you’re Team McIlroy or Team Fowler, you’ll no doubt find it an exhilarating opportunity to watch the world’s number 3 and 4 contend for a superior position on the world golf rankings. Not that you need any petty distraction, but they’ll also be teaming up with celebrities who have not yet been named. We hope a serenading Justin Timberlake won’t distract from any birdies, but we don’t mind a repeat performance of the Carlton dance with one of them.

This will be the first primetime exhibition since Tiger Woods led the Monday Nights Golf series in 2005. To honor this bit of televised golf history, we hope Woods himself will be one of the celebrities to make an appearance at Rory and Rickie’s primetime debut.