Why Gareth Bale played for Real Madrid with a large hole in his sock

Sharon Wong

Source: fourfourtwo.com

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A footballer’s bane is a debilitating injury. We’ve seen its devastating effects on a club, with a good portion of Manchester United out for the count this season. Gareth Bale’s longstanding issues with his calves may have made his season with Real Madrid grimmer than he would have liked. But he just might have found an unlikely solution to his Achilles calf (?).

Hole in sock
Source: goal.com

The Welshman, who started only 16 games thanks to his injuries, was spotted at the Saturday match that ended 7-1 with Celta Vigo with something different about his footwear. Fans were quick to spot a large, conspicuous hole in his right sock just where his calf is. Contrary to what you may think, this was no fashion oversight. Bale has now taken to mutilating his socks to ease compression pressure from his sock to his muscle. Apparently, he also cuts off the foot portion in order to squeeze his feet into a training pair.


Zinedine Zidane isn’t bothered by Gareth Bale being overly free with a pair of scissors. If ripped up socks help achieve results, he’s all for them. “He is ready to play and that’s the most important thing. The holes in his socks? That’s something of his.”