PGA Tour Player’s Instagram Page Becomes A Battleground After Controversial Remark

  • John Peterson is 364th in the golf world rankings.
  • The player is known for his opinionated Instagram page.

Peterson’s Instagram page is one of the most controversial in the golfing world, the 26-year-old is a committed conservative and that’s fine, but some of his ignorant posts are not. Like when he shared this fatuous and unhelpful meme about two terrorist attacks last year.

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A bit of research will tell you that the San Bernardino shooting and the Curtis Culwell Center attacks are in no way, shape or form comparable. San Bernardino was an unexpected attack at a centre for people with developmental disabilities whereas the attack in Garland, Texas, was planned and the police were ready. That’s not taking anything away from the incredibly brave actions of an unidentified police officer, but it tells you Peterson is as callous as he is stupid for suggesting gun control affected the outcome of either incident.

The golfer seems to enjoy the following he has developed, many of which came after he posted a video of him nailing a “Happy Gilmore” during a competitive round.

In honor of the 20 year anniversary of #happygilmore, I'll leave this with y'all. #chubbspeterson

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This latest post wasn’t controversial as such, it was just another classic example of how info graphics can cheapen the quality of reasoned discussion.


A photo posted by John Peterson (@jpetepga) on

What follows in the comments section is worthy of a read because it’s pure entertainment…

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This is just a silly exchange of words but it should serve as a reminder to Peterson that he should be careful. Accepting a comparison to a woman beater is just stupid, if he keeps this up he’ll find himself in hot water.