David Feherty: Dustin Johnson’s penalty “one of the worst decisions” in golf history

Sharon Wong

DJ Penalty
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There’s a particular incident surrounding Dustin Johnson that lingers at every Masters game. You’ll know the one if you’d seen him at the bunker on the final hole of regulation at the 2010 PGA Championship. Apparently unaware that he was standing right over a bunker, he grounded his club and earned himself a penalty for two shots. It’s a regrettable outcome that some would argue was not entirely fair and that it shouldn’t have been so difficult to notice a bunker in the first place. DJ himself has long given up contesting this decision, but he has an outspoken and powerful advocate in David Feherty.

Feherty flipping the bird
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“I think Dustin Johnson is magnificent,” Feherty said during an NBC/Golf Channel conference call with reporters this Tuesday, “As a player, he’s Weiskopf-like in a lot of ways. And he’s been unlucky a couple of times, too, especially at the PGA Championship, Whistling Straits. I think one of the worst decisions in the history of major championship golf was penalizing him here.”


It was definitely a momentous decision that continues to haunt Johnson, considering that he would have won his first major if bad luck had not come calling. Six years on and he’s still waiting to take home his first major win. Not that Feherty think he’s doomed to this state of limbo forever.

“But he’s got so much talent and has got so much time left,” Feherty continued optimistically, “I think that and his attitude is wonderful as well. He’s one of those guys that just it seems to run off his back. I have no doubts about Dustin Johnson that he’s going to win and win big tournaments, majors.”

That is quite a huge vision to live up to, but it helps that even Brandel Chamblee has cast him a vote of confidence.

“I think he’s on a Hall of Fame trajectory,” Chamblee boldly proclaimed of DJ.

It looks like in the next 50 days till the next Masters, Dustin Johnson would do well to dream big.