WATCH: Leicester City Fans Can Claim To Be Best In The League After Causing Earthquakes With Their Goal Celebrations


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Leicester City’s courageous performances on the pitch have clearly reverberated with their loyal supporters – literally sending shockwaves through the city as the celebrations of fans are now being registered up by equipment used to detect earthquakes.

Exuberant fans jumping up and down at the King Power Stadium after Leicester grabbed a dramatic 89th-minute winner against Norwich City caused a quake with a magnitude of 0.3 according to local researchers.

A group of geology academics, studying at the University of Leicester, placed earthquake detecting equipment at a primary school near to the ground and conclusively stated that Leonardo Ulloa’s last-gasp winner against Norwich led to a sudden spike in seismic activity.


“…there was a strong correlation between the exact time Leicester scored at home and the occurrence of the large seismic signals.

We concluded our equipment was measuring small earthquakes produced by the sudden energy release by the cheering Leicester fans celebrating at the moment a goal was scored.”

Richard Hoyle, Geological Science Student



Does registering on the Richter scale make Leicester officially the best fans?


Sadly not. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again and it’s not unique to Leicester – as much as their buoyant fans would like to have you believe.

Perhaps most significantly, Seattle Seahawks fans caused a minor earthquake in December 2013, measuring between a magnitude of one and two during an early first-quarter touchdown in the game against New Orleans Saints. It’s not quite enough to make the houses shake but there were noticeable vibrations under foot.

Within the footballing world, Napoli potentially boast the most raucous atmosphere in Europe. Their patented cheerleading style of machoism makes for a genuinely earth shaking noise. Edinson Cavani’s match-winning goal against Manchester City famously caused minor seismic activity across Naples.



Are Leicester City Fans The Best In The League?

Hell Yeah – League’s Best Fans For The League’s Best Team!

Not A Chance – (Insert Your Team Here)’s Fans Are Way Better!


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