WATCH: An In Depth Look At How Messi Does What He Does


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Cristiano Ronaldo is phenomenal but Lionel Messi is a freak of nature; he is now, surely, the greatest player of all-time(?) – if that opinion expressed as fact does anger you, please don’t overreact and kill someone (seriously, it happened).

Following the next step in Barcelona’s breeze to the La Liga title – a 4-0 win over Eibar – the Argentine had his usual, erm, up close and personal entourage. However, this, of course, didn’t phase Messi as he navigated his way through the game, controlling everything like usual, and doing it all whilst acting like there wasn’t a defender within 100 miles of him.

Messi’s performance against Eibar was, in fact, so special that it had the Eibar’s, Keko, tweeting that he checked the Barca talisman’s water to see if it had any magical powers!



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