Mookie Betts reveals how he drove a golf cart into a lake without getting wet

Sharon Wong

Mookie Betts

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There is a simple explanation to every freak accident, it seems. Those of us who were scratching our heads over the bizarre sight of a golf cart sans accompanying corpses floating inches beneath murky brown water now have our answer. It appears that Red Sox player Mookie Betts simply forgot to utilize the humble handbrake during a moment of distraction.

“I left our club on the last hole and I went back to get it,” he told WEEI, “Parked on a hill. Thought I pushed the brake, but it didn’t brake, obviously. I didn’t push it all the way in. I ran to get my club and by the time I turned around it was going in the pond. That’s pretty much it.

“I’m done driving. I’ll just let everyone else take over. I may just walk. It may be better.”

We wondering if he’s done with golfing altogether too. We hope that he’s not as prone to forgetting a handbrake exists on an actual car. We don’t think that would be quite as funny.