7 Things That Have Changed Since Liverpool Last Won A Title

Madonna was top of the charts

The United Kingdom were bobbing their heads to Vogue for four weeks straight – which now raises the question, would you rather listen to Vogue on repeat for four weeks or stick needles in your eyes?

Perhaps Madonna’s style in the Vogue video was the reason for Liverpool’s fashion faux pas some years later…

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Marcus Rashford wasn’t even born

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Crazy to think that Manchester United’s best ever player and England’s record goalscorer was still seven years away from entering this world.

Fox Kids Launched

A few months after Liverpool’s title success, Fox Kids was born in the US, however, it ended in the States in 2002, meaning that Fox Kids could’ve reformed and closed again, since the last time Liverpool won a league title?

England finished fourth at Italia 90

England haven’t come any closer since Italia 90, however, that hasn’t stopped talk before every tournament that this one ‘will be different; it’s our time’ – quite fitting having a bit of delusion in an article on Liverpool.

Pegasus Mail was the newest and hottest email out there



The first McDonald’s restaurant in Russia opens

“Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but I Moscow to the new McDonald’s that has just opened”

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Highest Grossing Film in 1990 Was Ghost

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Unconfirmed reports suggest Alan Hansen and Steve Staunton used to recreate the iconic pottery wheel scene from Ghost before every game as part of their pre-match ritual – no, we don’t know who played the role of Patrick Swayze.

What are YOU saying?

Will Liverpool ever win a league title again?

Just checked outside and, nope, pigs still aren’t flying

A sleeping giant ready to wake!