Lindsey Vonn Teases Tiger Woods With This Body Paint Workout

Remember when Olympic Gold medalist and ex girlfriend to Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn was in Italy for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot? Which also featured athletes Ronda Rousey and Caroline Wozniacki.

Throughout the week Vonn had been promoting the shoot via Instagram, with pictures of her in a body paint swimsuit. She showed off  some pretty impressive pull ups, whilst wearing high heels!

Let’s hope Tiger doesn’t get too cut up about this.


Vonn recently won her first skiing event in a while, calling it her comeback. Looks like she’s having a much easier time than Tiger is..

If this body paint shoot didn’t get him jealous, her new beau and recent success should do the trick.

? Loving my day off

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Looks like she’s doing just fine without him..