WATCH: Twenty years after Happy Gilmore, Shooter McGavin still sucks as a person

Sharon Wong

Age is said to mellow, but we’re not sure it did much for the antagonist every golfer loves to hate, Shooter McGavin. It’s now been 21 years since McGavin lost his 4-stroke lead against Happy.

Last year, the 20th anniversary of his debut in Happy Gilmore, decided to grab an exclusive interview with the man himself to see if he’s gained any sort of perspective over the past few decades.

As it turns out, the only thing that’s developed about him is his ego. When he’s asked who would play him in a biopic, his answer will make it clear that he’s out of touch with reality as ever. Keep living on in your mad, deluded world, Shooter. We love you for it.

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Of course, we just have to insert a throwback video to his heyday on the course, in the midst of his tantrum-throwing prime.