Premier League Caps Ticket Prices At £30

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“It’s absolutely right that football, as a family, looks after [the traveling supporters],”

-Robert Elstone, Everton boss

All 20 teams in the Premier League have unanimously agreed to cap the price of away tickets at £30 starting next year. The move comes as welcome relief to fans, who owners and bosses have been trying to squeeze for every last red cent.

Away fans are a crucial part of the atmosphere at Premier League matches. You can feel the energy in a packed stadium way deep down in your bones.

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If recent trends are any indication, stands will be absolutely filled to the brim next year.

Attendance at Premier League games has not dipped below 90% for the last 18 years. Over the past two seasons, Premier League stadiums have been an average of 95.9% full on match days.

Look for that number to go up as more fans will be able to afford to support their club on the road, with a few extra quid in their pockets for pints, no less.

Before you start to question the League’s single-minded devotion to the money god, remember that the EPL’s pocket scientists have secured a TV deal starting next season worth in excess of £5 billion annually in the UK alone.

money shower

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Any money “lost” by capping ticket prices will pale in comparison to the bales of money set to be shoveled into teams’ accounts starting next year.


What’s the League’s motive for capping ticket prices?

They did it for the fans

Public Relations ploy